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Disc Jockey For A Wedding

A Disc Jockey That Works With The Wedding Party Or Event Coordinator

We are the DJ’s that work with your officiant, photographer, and videographer.  As you interview the other professionals you will be including in your special day, we believe that they will concur with the importance of the MC/DJ’s role, and how it helps them to do their job more effectively.


DJ’s Keep The Party Moving


There are a number of transitions that occur during a wedding. The bridal party entrance during the ceremony, and the recessional as the bride and groom leave, are two examples to consider. Did your MC/DJ coordinate with the caterer to know when the bridal party was about to enter? Is the music cued up? Did the MC/DJ take a moment to speak to the officiant to know exactly what their last words will be so the bridal recessional song will be played at the precise moment? Were the photographer and videographer alerted as to when the ceremony was about to begin?  If the answer is no, there is a very good chance that they may miss an important shot or there will be what we describe as “Dead Air”, meaning there is no music when there should have been.  Additionally, this can cause confusion, and an interruption in your ceremony as everyone may not be ready at that particular moment.


Great Disc Jockey Means Great Timing


Moving into the reception, there are also a number of traditional events that take place. That includes the introductions,  first dance, blessing, toast, and cake cutting. All of these events are very important, and of course you do not want to have the photographer or videographer miss them. This is why it is very important to go over the outline the caterer has discussed prior. Additionally, we take special care in giving those professionals the courtesy of a 10-15 minute “heads up”. Typically, we would tell them the specific song we will be playing that they should be listening for.


You should consider your view of the MC/DJ to as not being limited to just the music, but also that as a director or producer. An example that many can relate to is viewing a theatre production. If the actors are not prepared, and miss their cue, it becomes obvious to the audience immediately.